Kitti Nilthanom

-The owner of Transasia Route Co.,LTD-

An Afghan border patrol officer looks suspiciously at me,my team and our vehicles and asks us if we are carrying drugs or ammunition over the border.I struggle desperately to explain to the guard that we are passing over the border to travel the world by car.The guard returns an almost comical look of disbelief.

This is the life of me,now managing director of Transasia Route.I started my company as a result of a dream to travel the world.At the Afghan border I was finally allowed to cross with the help of translator,who explained our intentions to the border patrol.It is this sort of courage that helped me make the decision to start my travel company.

Transasia plans driving route for its customer from Thailand/foriegners to anywhere in the world.The company provides support with staff and also  rents out its vehicles to customer.Most of the routes now  undertaken by the company are from Thailand to nearby destinations like Laos,Malaysia,Singapore,Chaina,Tibet,Myanmar,China and Vietnam,but I has also organized trips to South Africa and Europe countries.

Over 22 years ago,I started off-roading on weekend while working in bank.After doing that for over 2 years I wanted to travel further.One day I came across a sign at the Thai border that read “700 km. to Kunming in China”,and I started wondering if it was that easy to across national borders by car.I then started doing trips to nearby contries.Later a dream grew within me to travel the world by car.

In 2000,I struggled to find sponsors to support my trip,but finally-with 4 friends and after selling my car-I set out to see the world on four wheels.

The trip saw me travel through to India,the Middle East,Africa,Europe,the USA and Canada.The last part of the trip to Australia and New Zealand was cancelled due to lack of funds.The biggest problem with travelling by four wheels over borders is the documentations that is required for the vehicles.Some countries are very strict about this and knowing what is needed and how to play off a border,patrolman is crucial.Another problem is a vehicle breaking down in a country you are not familiar with.

If it weren’t for this trip,I wouldn’t be brave enough to start this company and quit my job at the bank,which actually paid me quite well.For me,it’s important to follow my dream,although almost everyone I knew stood against me.Now more than 17 years (2018)since I formed my company,and I want to show my customers the beautiful of other lands.Due to my in-depth experience,travelling- customers can be assured that safety will be guaranteed.